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  • An Empirical Study of Earthquake Source Spectra for California Earthquakes

  • Assessment of Liquefaction Potential for the 1995 Kobe,  Japan Earthquake Including Finite-Source Effects

  • Attenuation of Long Period Strong Ground Motions

  • Bay Bridge Downhole Array Analyses

  • CEUS and WUS Strong Ground Motions at Rock Sites

  • Characteristics Of Vertical Strong Ground Motions For  Applications To Engineering Design

  • Description and Validation of the Stochastic  Ground Motion Model

  • Development Of Attenuation Relations For Peak Particle  Velocity And Displacement

  • Development of Earthquake Ground Motions for Yucca Mountain

  • Development of Regional Hard Rock Attenuation Relations for South Carolina

  • Development of Regional Hard Rock Attenuation Relations for Central  Eastern North America, Mid-Continent Gulf Coast Areas

  • Development Of Design Response Spectral Shapes For  Central And Eastern U.S. (CEUS) And Western U.S.  (WUS) Rock Site Conditions

  • Development Of Regional Hard Rock Attenuation Relations  For Central And Eastern North America

  • Development of Self Consistent Regional Soil Attenuation Relations Ground Motions and  Liquefaction Parameters; An Example for the Basin and Range Region

  • Development of Urban and Regional Earthquake Hazard Maps in The U.S.

  • Earthquake Scenario Ground Motion Hazard Maps for the San Francisco Bay Region

  • Earthquake Scenario Ground Motion Maps For The San Francisco Bay Region For A Repeat Of The M 7.9, 1906 Earthquake

  • Ground Motion and Liquefaction Simulation of the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina, Earthquake

  • Ground Motion Attenuation Relationships For Cascadia  Subduction Zone Megathrust Earthquakes Based On  A Stochastic Finite-Fault Model

  • Incorporation Of Earthquake Source, Propagation Path, and Site Uncertainties Into Assessment of Liquefaction Potential; Phase 1, Validation

  • Numerical Simulation of Strong Ground  Motion Using the Stochastic Ground  Motion Model for Subduction Earthquakes

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